Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Consider The Apple

It's sophisticated, tasty, pleasing to the eye.

This week the humble apple provided us a teachable moment.  I've munched on many of these and never once thought of how complex they really are until my little girl ate a whole one by herself.  Peel and all.  It was quite interesting to watch her stand in the doorway juice dripping down her chin and a Braeburn in her little hands, much like a squirrel grasping the acorn. 

We borrowed the book I Eat Fruit by Hannah Tofts and in it we learned about the different parts of the apple, so she was determined to get to the seeds!  

It took awhile to get to the core so we talked about how the peel protects the flesh of the apple much like our skin protects us!  She was so happy to hold the seeds in her hand.  Since we did some gardening this year, she understands what seeds do.  

A tiny seed sown in the ground can produce a tree that will bear after its own kind!  How spectacular!  What an amazing world God created for us.