Friday, 17 June 2011

Thinking About Father's Day

I have been making a big deal about Father's Day to Ashlene.  We've been to the card store to pick out some meaningful cards (one from myself as well).  She picked out a cute one with Buzz Lightyear on the front, which is right up my husband's alley; he loves superheroes.  What man doesn't want to be the hero to his family?

It makes me think of how important it is for Ashlene to see that her parents honor each other.  She needs to see her mum respect and love her dad.  And vice versa.  Not just on special occasions, but every day.
I came across this post today.  It's definitely worth the read, and quite relevant as Father's Day is coming up.  What I want my kids to know about marriage

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Perfect Day

Monday is my favorite day of the week.  Everything is settling down after the flurry that is the weekend.  People are back at work or school.  I like to stay home on Monday and plan our meals and activities for the week, using my Polestar calendar

But last Monday we changed it up.  We broke from our routine and ended up having the best day. 

We started at the park where we played on the swings and rode on the slide (upside down and head first one time!).  Then we headed to the creek.  We threw rocks into the water and put our feet in even though the water was so cold! 

We ended with a picnic by a stream in the forest, and ate yummy sandwiches, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries while the sun shined on our faces.  You were quite concerned that we might run into a fox!

Of course mommy didn't bring the camera to take snapshots of our day :(

We were nice and tired by the time we got home and you told daddy all about what we did.  I think he may have been jealous...a little. 

I'm hoping for more of these perfect days this year.